Special Services
Saint Luke's church is licensed to perform Baptisms, Confirmation, Wedding and Funeral Services.

A New Baby?

St Luke's Church has a great way to mark the occasion.

One of the lovliest things to do is gather your family and friends together to celebrate the birth of your child. If you have a belief in God, we offer a Service of Welcome and Blessing that can be celebrated in your home, in the local pub or club... or wherever you think is a good place to meet.

The Service of Welcome and Blessing is just what it says. It is a chance to gather your family and friends together at a party to welcome your child. It includes a naming ceremony, a commitment for parents and god-parents (or guardians), words of welcome, and a prayer for God's blessing.

Also available as alternatives are:

A Service of thanksgiving for your child, which usually takes place at Church as part of a normal Sunday service.

The Baptism Service (sometimes called Christening); the mark of Christian faith and entry into God's family.

I would be delighted to give you information about any of the services. Please contact me, Revd. Mark Slater, at St Luke's on 01727-865399 or email me at