What is WOW!?
Wednesday. It sits right smack in the middle of the week. It's been two days since the last weekend and two days before the next weekend. Not that you get much of a break on the weekends anymore. Football games. Birthday parties. Visiting relatives. Dance classes. Visiting friends.

And now it's Wednesday... again.

The kids will be out of school soon. The clock is ticking. What are you going to do with them? There is dinner to be made. You've been running errands all day. Maybe you've been doing housework or working from home. It's the middle of the week and they're bored of the same old routine. Frankly, so are you.

It's time to put some WOW! in your life!

What is WOW!? We're glad you asked. WOW! is a community initiative created and maintained by St Luke's church and is supported and staffed by volunteers from not only its congregation, but other local churches as well. From 3:20pm until 4:30pm most Wednesdays during term time, the WOW! Team is on hand to give you and your children an hour to unwind and have fun in a safe and Christian environment.

With a range of activities from arts and crafts, to dance, drama, and circus skills, this Worship on Wednesday (WOW!) features a relaxing and entertaining atmosphere with welcoming hosts. Before the program kicks off, there is always time for a nice cup of coffee and some cake while the kids have some after school snacks to help recharge their batteries. Sitting and talking to some adult size people is always a welcome change of pace! It's a chance to expand your vocabulary to include more than the phrases, "Do your homework!" and the ever popular, "Tidy up your room!"

Unlike sporting events and most activities in your children's lives, you are not merely a spectator. We encourage you to get involved and work alongside your children to aid in the strengthening of that very important parent/child bond that can start to weaken with the stresses of today's frantic schedules.

Who is invited? Parents and child minders who have children who attend Cunningham Infants and Junior Schools, Camp School, Samuel Ryder Academy and Windermere School.

Come, experience the wonder that is WOW!